Next Gen Risk Management for Jira Cloud

🚀 Take your risk management to the next level with the newly designed T Risk Register extension by Tronikel.

Customizable Risk Matrix on Jira Project

Prioritize risks using our polished risk matrix. App enabled on chosen Jira projects and issue types. See aggregated risk budget value Export risk register as CSV, PDF More views: dashboard, custom risk register table

Customizable Risk Categories / Drivers per Project

Create your custom risk categories or drivers (+ level 2) Predefined risk breakdown structures Mark categories as done (checklist) Unlimited use cases e.g. structure by your strategic objectives or priorities

Customizable Risk on Jira Issue

Assess initial & remaining risk levels Use optional features if required: risk metadata (risk name / description), risk budget value (numeric field), risk categories Customized probability and impact labels + risk level

Customizable Risk Register on Jira Project

Customized risk register table on each Jira project. Add any custom field you desire. Set up your own filtering logic with the power of Jira Filters.

Flexible Matrix Configuration

All registers have independent configuration. Simple or advanced is up to you.

Flexible RBS Configuration

All registers have independent configuration. Simple or advanced is up to you.

Extra optional features

Extra features can be enabled on every register independently. These features include: risk metadata (risk names / descriptions), native Jira filters, risk monetary value (numeric field

Jira Dashboards

Empower risk monitoring with Jira dashboards. Choose between initial or remaining risks to display.

Manage Remaining Risks

Assess remaining risk level. View remaining risks in the dashboard, risk matrix or risk register.

No learning curve

If you know basic Jira, you know T Risk Register

Our highly customizable yet simple risk management extension will enable you to level up your risk management game instantly

Excellent security
Forget data breaches, your Jira Cloud data is never sent to our servers, the data is fetched by your browser from Jira directly 100% of the time
Refreshingly simple
We know you don't want a complex solution, you want something that is simple and reliable, that is exactly what T Risk Register is
Highly customizable
Change every aspect of the risk matrix, add probabilities, impacts, change colors, add / remove risk levels
Gets out of your way
Specific app buttons will only appear where you want them to and when you want them to

Level up your risk management,
start using our Jira Cloud extension.

Don't take our word for it 😉, try the extension yourself with the 30 day free trial and evaluate whether it is right for your company's needs