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Why T Lesson log

T Lesson log is of-the-shelve lesson management app that will allow you to easily implement lesson management global best practices for:

  • The whole company
  • Dedicated unit
  • Projects
  • Any issues you manage in your cloud Jira Software or Jira Service Desk or Jira Core environment.


Key benefits you get

  • Establish your company's know-how repository where all stakeholders are able to record, learn, find and pass vital information for your company's future efficiency, motivation & profitability
  • Record lessons on each Jira issue where necessary
  • Record lessons on your own custom Jira issue types with wide workflow enhancement possibilities
  • Establish flexible categorization and filters the way you need
  • Export via CSV & communicate with ease

T Lesson log can be found in every Jira project sidebar

jira sidebar

By pressing "T Lesson log" you will open the lesson log environment where you can add, edit, filter lessons. See each particular lesson management history and much more. All available functions are described in this documentation.

One Lesson example overview

App provides simple lesson management procedure: Capture > Action (if needed) > Archive.

T Lesson log can be accessed in every Jira issue:

issue button

See lesson example - "Back-up process criticality" - to get an idea:

OneLessonExample OneLessonExample2 OneLessonExample3